We source and process the best superfoods & ingredients, with the most outstanding nutritional values and the highest quality standards.

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All your superfoods in one place!

We are specialized in sourcing, processing, and packaging several agricultural goods with outstanding nutritional value.

All of our products go trough strict controls from the cropping to harvesting stages. Furthermore, we carry out various quality-enhancing processes such as selection, cleaning, sieving, sorting, ozone sterilizing, and packaging, in order to reach the highest quality and food safety standards.

In short words, we are your reliable source of top-quality superfoods.

Your trusted supplier of premium-quality superfoods.

Looking for a packaging solution?

All of our superfoods can be packaged specially for you, with your specific requirements & your own brand, ready for retail! Fortunately we have the right skills and machinery to offer you a wide range of packaging options.

Your product ready to ship.

Don´t struggle anymore and let us do all the hard work for you. We can prepare and ship your product to anywhere in the world!

Why Us?

  • The best superfood products
  • Food safety certified facilities
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Qualified workforce
  • Innovative processes
  • Customized product development
  • Immediate response
  • State-of-the-art machinery and technology

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us (33) 3695-0076+52 (33) 3695-0076