Food Packaging

Our company possesses all the right skills to package your food products into retail-ready presentations. We offer private-label services in many packaging options. Stop worrying about all the complications and let us handle it for you!

Seeds & Grains Cleaning

Our people and machinery will clean your seeds and grains to reach the highest purity levels, always under food safety controls and high-quality standards. We also can also help you with mixing, milling, toasting, and so on..

Ozone Sterilization

In order to offer you the purest superfoods and raw ingredients, we use Ozone to eliminate live bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from our products, with no toxic emissions, no residues, and no negative environmental effects.

Product Sourcing & Trading

We know that finding a specific food product in Mexico or anywhere else the world can be quite a hassle, but we will get it for you! Our company is well connected to a wide network of growers, processing companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors all around the world.

Exporting Services

We can handle the whole exporting process for your food products! You won't need to struggle anymore as we take care of all documentation, product preparation, packaging, logistics, and everything it takes to deliver your product to the world out there.

Agricultural Production Plans

We offer you the opportunity to grow your own crops! If you require any specific agricultural product to be grown in our lands, we will work on all necessary arrangements to handle either seasonal or year-long production plans on the best Mexican soil.